Cardbeenie Card Holder Organizer for Purse, Wallet, Credit Cards, IDs and Badges,


A little hat for your card that helps you grab your cards on the go!

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Introducing Cardbeenie

SAVE YOUR NAILS! No more digging in your wallet, organizer, purse, ID, and badge holder and chipping your nails or nail polish. Extends the life of your manicure, protects your nails, nail polish, and nail color!

CARDBEENIE No more fighting with your wallet

ORGANIZE your WALLET for FAST CARD ACCESS! The Cardbeenie card holder is a sticker that attaches to your credit cards, IDs, badges and more and helps you grab and tab your card on the go and SAVES TIME and frustration at check out. No more fighting with your wallet or searching for the card you need. Use on credit cards, driver's license, access keys, membership cards, IDs, hotel keys, and more!