Cardbeenie is a card holder that allows you to tab and grab any card. No more fightin

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Kayla Storlid Founder Cardbeenie Card Holder Story.  Next Pop Socket!  Maximize your brand.

My Story

I was having a hard time keeping me cards organized and easily accessible.  I would leave home frantic or without the right card. I would use the wrong card.  So I created a solution. I started to use it and tellers and sales associates commented what a great idea it was.  They see people struggle all the time. Cardbeenie is a card holder that keeps cards organized and easily accessible.  No more fighting with your wallet.  

  • It is great for anyone on the go, people with limited mobility, fancy nails, love to travel or go to events, and anyone with a sticky wallet.
  • It is a big hit for those that love their nails and want to extend the life of their manicure.  
  • It has gained attention from the cruise line industry for helping guests keep track of their cards.  
  • It has been proven as a great swag bag product by a billion dollar company. 
  • Banks love to logo it and put it on their credit card.  A tabbed card has been proven to increase usage and generate more revenue. 

My hope is to gain traction in the event arena so we can attach directly to the paper and ditch the trade show plastic. 

Cardbeenie, card holder, will be the next POP SOCKET.  It allows companies to get their brand in the wallet.  A place we have yet to see advertising.  


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